Our mission is to increase awareness of the existential threat of EMP attack posed by the Sino-Russian alliance and their client states North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran both among Utah and federal elected officials and among U.S. citizens. The declassified Congressional EMP Commission Report concluded that such a comprehensive EMP attack or a solar super-storm, for which the Earth is overdue, would result in an electrical power blackout and knock out airplanes and automobiles along with our food distribution system. They also predicted such an attack would likely prevent emergency and law enforcement services from functioning leading to an unprecedented increase in crime, starvation and disease. The Commision estimated this would likely result in the deaths of up to ninety percent of our citizens within a year of a comprehensive EMP attack on the U.S. homeland due to starvation, starvation-related diseases and unchecked crime following the ensuing collapse of government and breakdown of law and order. CIA experts have reported that North Korea and likely Russia and the People’s Republic of China currently have nuclear-armed ‘super’ EMP satellites orbiting over our nation which could be detonated at the press of a button with U.S. leaders unable to ascertain the source of the attack and thus unable to effectively retaliate. Experts have concluded it is not a matter of if an EMP attack against the United States of America or a solar storm occurs, but when. The vast majority of Americans remain completely unaware of this unprecedented threat to their lives and those of their family members.

The alarming reality is that while our nation continues to possess an increasingly aging nuclear deterrent and limited, though insufficient, missile defenses against the threat of nuclear missile attack, it remains completely and totally unprotected against the equally existential threat of EMP attack from America’s enemies. The EMP Commission concluded that preserving a functioning electrical power grid would be key to preserving civilization and saving hundreds of millions of Americans from dying following an EMP attack. The cost to protect the power grid against this threat is only $2 billion which represents a mere one quarter of a percent of President Trump’s requested Department of Defense funding request for FY-19 yet to date both the U.S. Congress and U.S. Presidents past and presents have failed to act to guard against this increasing threat. The urgency has never been greater for our executive and legislative leaders to pass legislation, both at the state and national level, to harden the U.S. electrical power grid from EMP attack.

The Utah EMP Task Force is dedicated to working to persuade both Utah and national leaders to take measures to protect other critical infrastructures including water, sewage, communications, emergency services, transportation, healthcare, food production and distribution services, energy (including our nuclear power plants) banking and finance against cyber or terrorist attack, super solar storms as well as EMP attack. Our national affiliate, the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, serves as a member of the Secure the Grid Coalition, which is an alliance of non-profit organizations dedicated to combating this existential threat. Working together, we can protect and safeguard the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans by taking immediate action at the local, state and national levels.