There are three basic kinds to be aware of, E1, E2, and E3. While most EMPs are man-made through the use of specifically designed nuclear devices, they can also occur naturally.

An E1 Pulse is fast and powerful, in fact, they are too fast for standard surge protectors to work in protecting your electronics. Damage done is instant and permanent, affecting everything from electrical conductors to microchips. These are difficult to protect against, but can can take steps to protect our core grid, allowing our state to get back up on our feet than if we suffered a total meltdown.

An E2 Pulse typically occurs after an E1, but since the damage is already done to our infrastructure, we likely wouldn’t even notice this one.

An E3 Pulse is slow, and can last anywhere between 10s of seconds to hundreds of seconds. They also come from nuclear blasts, but can also come from solar storms, which could occur at any time, with a worldwide harm.

Current estimates to do a basic hardening of Utah’s electrical grid is roughly 30 million dollars. This would be a strong start in protecting the citizens of Utah from a total societal collapse in the event of an EMP. With a hardened power grid, rebuilding affected infrastructure would be a significantly easier task, potentially saving (literally) millions of lives.

Depending on how urgent the State makes this matter, it may take up to 2 years to completely harden Utah’s core power grid. The sooner we get started, the sooner it will be done.

  1. Contact your representative and urge them to take a strong stand on protecting our citizens from an EMP attack.
  2. Donate to our cause. Your donations allow us to travel the state advocating for this and buy promotional materials.

The steps we need to take are manageable, and will make a huge difference. We only need to take the time and allocate the resources to get it done.

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