About Us

Welcome to the website of the Utah EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Task Force on National & Homeland Security! The Utah EMP Task Force is the state affiliate of the EMP Task Force on National & Homeland Security which is an official Congressionally Advisory Board which was established by the Congressional EMP Caucus in a 2011 in order to act as a surrogate for the Congressional EMP Commission after it was decommissioned. (Click here to see the Charter). 

The Congressional EMP Caucus is co-chaired by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and Rep. Yevette Clarke (D-NY) and boasts members of Utah’s congressional delegation including Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) and Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT). Our Executive Director, Dr. Peter Pry, is a former senior CIA analyst, former senior congressional staff member and Chief of Staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, who has published numerous books and articles on the existential threat of a nuclear EMP attack or a solar superstorm to which we have posted links to on our home page.

The Task Force is a strictly non-partisan organization, which has allied with concerned citizens and national and state leaders of both major political parties to unite to defend our nation and its citizens. Due to the fact that we are a 501(c ) (3) non-profit organization, we operate solely on donations and would welcome your support!

Please click on our Mission link and Educational Links to learn more about the EMP threat and what we can do to protect our nation and our citizens against it.” Take a look at our Legislative Honor Roll to see if your U.S. Senator, Congressman and state legislator is on the list of those who have declared their support for EMP grid hardening legislation. If they are not, we strongly encourage you to encourage them to support it. Should you be interested in contacting a member of our staff, please click on the Contact Us if you are interested in having us speak or brief an elected leader, staff members, or civic groups regarding this existential threat.


Utah EMP Task Force