Catastrophe Now – America’s Last Chance to Prevent an EMP Disaster1 min read


I am very pleased to announce that the EMP Task Force’s new book “Catastrophe Now—America’s Last Chance to Prevent an EMP Disaster”, which I co-authored, has just catapulted to become the #1 rated best-selling Amazon “Hot Release” in National & International Security after only two weeks. It is now available for purchase at the introductory, heavily discounted price of $11.39. This low price will not last long so I would like to encourage all the readers of “The Real War” newsletter to purchase a copy today while its still on sale. If you like it, please post a five star review on our Amazon page to help increase our sales. This book outlines all the solutions to our current problems with Russia and China and how we can successfully deter attacks against them against the U.S. homeland and prevent World War Three so its very important for us to get this message out both to U.S. policymakers and the public.

It has been 15 years since the release of the Congressional EMP Commission’s initial reports, detailing the potential catastrophic consequences of an EMP attack. To date, Congress has done little to harden the electric grid and prepare the Nation for this existential crisis event. Catastrophe Now is the last in the series of EMP books by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry. It illustrates the vulnerabilities, challenges, and solutions to the looming threat that EMP poses to the very survival the United States as a sovereign state. In a race against time and complacency, the clock is ticking. This is America’s last chance to prevent an EMP disaster.

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